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Nouvelle Union De Elegance – NUDE Chain

NUDE Chain is changing the way that fashion speaks. Your body is a canvas for the cosmetics you apply, the clothes you wear, and the jewelry that embraces your body. NUDE Chain is the next step that seamlessly merges art, fashion, and your body. NUDE Chain’s gold & silver designs don’t only become the luster in everyone’s eyes, but also allows your skin to become the focal piece of your ensemble, without any life-long commitments.

NUDE Chain is a new fashion accessory from acclaimed Korean fashion designer Park Chang Mo that is designed to compliment and enhance wardrobes both artistically and elegantly.

NUDE Chain utilises the most basic core of beauty: the human body. Breaking away from bulky and often weighty metallic jewellery, NUDE Chain is a real Gold/Silver contemporary jewelley that adheres to the skin and removes the restrictions of traditional jewellery.